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Lovejoy: Series 2

Lovejoy: Series 2

Be warned: If you plan on joining Ian McShane (Deadwood) for the second season of Lovejoy, leave your scruples at home. Things only get seedier for our debonair antiques dealer, who in this go finds himself...more.
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Be warned: If you plan on joining Ian McShane (Deadwood) for the second season of Lovejoy, leave your scruples at home. Things only get seedier for our debonair antiques dealer, who in this go finds himself pitted against a roving pack of French thieves, a vicious Greek kingpin, and wide variety of snooty British aristocrats... among many others. As always, Lovejoy's world is rich with priceless Mayan sculptures and silver 18th-century bowls, or rather, con men trying to pass them off as genuine articles. But no treasure is so exquisite as Lady Jane Felsham (Phyllis Logan, Downton Abbey), who's always game for Lovejoy's rollicking schemes, yet remarkably immune to his romantic overtures. No matter-if he's to match wits with some of his wiliest foes to date, he'll need to use every ounce of charm to ensure he's not the one being duped. 12 episodes, approx. 10 hours on 3 DVDs, SDH.
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Disc 1
Episode 1: Just Desserts
Lovejoy, ever an admirer of beauty, is tricked into a shady antiques deal by an alluring Dutch woman and ends up in jail. Recently released, he regales Lady Jane with the details and then plots his revenge.

Episode 2: The Italian Venus
Lovejoy becomes involved with two brothers from a wealthy family. One controls their inheritance, the other has been disgracefully locked out of the family fortune. Lovejoy, can't help but meddle in their affairs.

Episode 3: Bin Diving
Lady Jane asks Lovejoy to appraise the house of one of her friends whose husband recently died. But later that night, the house is robbed, and Lovejoy becomes the police's prime suspect. Meanwhile, Eric is troubled by a conflict with a group of garbage men.

Episode 4: Montezuma's Revenge
Eric is eager to show off a golden statuette he's selling for a friend. But the artifact is rumored to be cursed-and has quite a nefarious history to back that up. When Lovejoy takes over the sale, will he be immune to its evil charm?

Disc 2
Episode 5: Who Dares, Sings
An eccentric pub owner recruits Lovejoy and Lady Jane to refurbish his joint. But when he runs out of money to pay them, he proffers a photo of two antique bowls from a relative that could bring in a pretty penny.

Episode 6: One Born Every Minute
Strapped for cash, Lovejoy takes a ludicrous assignment to track down a missing artist on behalf of a British army major who wants to commission a mural. But Lovejoy would be wise to reconsider-his client's motives may not be strictly artistic.

Episode 7: National Wealth
The film actress Madelene Gilbert seeks Lovejoy's help in selling her lot, and Tinker jumps at the chance to impress his silver screen obsession. But a band of French thieves have other plans for the estate.

Episode 8: Sugar & Spice
A sheepish young woman asks Lovejoy to value a set of antique pornographic drawings, but leaves in a rush. The mystery deepens when Lovejoy, visiting his daughter's school, realizes the woman is actually a student being extorted for unknown reasons.

Disc 3
Episode 9: Raise the Hispanic
A philandering playboy is as set to wed his wealthy bride as he is to continue his roguish ways. After a tiff with his incensed father-in-law, the groom disappears, and something sinister is at hand.

Episode 10: Lily's Pearls
Lady Jane asks Lovejoy to suss out Joe, one of her husband's potential business partners. From the start, everything about Joe rubs Lovejoy the wrong way, especially Joe's ostentatiousness. But finding actual facts proves tricky and potentially dangerous.

Episode 11: Riding in Rollers
Lovejoy runs a charity auction for a beautiful widow and meets a Greek antiques dealer. Pretty soon, the dealer asks him to assist with a $2 million deal and Lovejoy will have no choice but to go deeper into the con artist's world.

Episode 12: The Black Virgin of Vladimir
Lovejoy concocts a grand revenge plan on behalf of those who have both been conned by Harry Catapodis. The con reaches all the way from America to Russia, and much more than money is on the line.
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 650 minutes
Format: Full screen
Number of Discs: 3
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Rating: NR. Contains mild language and brief nudity.
"Wit and originality" --Chicago Tribune

"Wonderful" --The Independent (UK)
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