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Man in a Suitcase: Set 1

Man in a Suitcase: Set 1

"Mac" McGill (Richard Bradford, The Untouchables) is an ex-spy with a murky past and an uncertain future. Wrongfully dismissed by his bosses in U.S. intelligence, he decides to freelance as a private detective...more.
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"Mac" McGill (Richard Bradford, The Untouchables) is an ex-spy with a murky past and an uncertain future. Wrongfully dismissed by his bosses in U.S. intelligence, he decides to freelance as a private detective based out of London. McGill's work takes him far and wide, yet seemingly always on a collision course with the British authorities, the Soviets, and his old colleagues in American espionage. Beset by enemies on all sides, he strives to clear his name and restore his reputation. But until he does, he remains on the run, taking jobs in the dark and dangerous corners of European society. 15 episodes on 4 DVDs, approx. 728 minutes.
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Disc 1
Episode 1: Brainwash
A deposed African president is convinced that an Anglo-American plot drove him into exile. Furthermore, he believes McGill had a hand in the coup--and that the former agent can help restore him to power.

Episode 2: The Sitting Pigeon
Two crime family brothers are standing trial for murder--and only the testimony of a greedy third brother will assure conviction. McGill is blackmailed into making sure the man remains "healthy" until he can testify.

Episode 3: Day of Execution
Someone keeps threatening to kill McGill. At first it looks like a case of mistaken identity, but after an attack on one of his old college buddies, McGill raises his guard.

Disc 2
Episode 4: Variation on a Million Bucks (Part One)
A former Soviet spy has a secret that puts him in mortal danger. He confides everything to his friend McGill, who soon finds himself pursued by Russians and Americans alike.

Episode 5: Variation on a Million Bucks (Part Two)
McGill sets sail for Lisbon and runs afoul of some sailors on the voyage. Injured from the attack, he seeks help from a contact, but enemy agents are quickly closing in on his position.

Episode 6: Man from the Dead
A schoolteacher thinks she has just seen her father, even though he allegedly died six years ago. The woman quickly retracts her story, but McGill refuses to let the matter drop--the "dead" man might be able to clear his name.

Episode 7: Sweet Sue
The wild-child daughter of a wealthy tycoon is being ripped off by a pair of confidence men. Her father hires McGill to keep an eye on her--and to get rid of the men preying on her.

Disc 3
Episode 8: Essay in Evil
Three apparent strangers turn up at the same hotel with one goal in mind, but McGill is there to intercept them. The situation unravels when it becomes clear that one of the men has his own private agenda.

Episode 9: The Girl Who Never Was
An ex-soldier promises an art dealer that he can obtain an original Botticelli, long thought lost. The would-be buyer, however, employs McGill to track down the painting directly, cutting out the middleman and endangering McGill's life in the process.

Episode 10: All That Glitters
McGill gets hired by an MP to investigate the disappearance of a 10-year-old boy. The man claims he's trying to help the boy's grandmother, but this is only the first of many deceptions McGill encounters on the case.

Episode 11: Dead Man's Shoes
An Englishman wounded during a shooting in Milan tries to make his way home. Newly assigned to the case, McGill races against the police, British and American intelligence, and an international crime ring to get to the man first.

Disc 4
Episode 12: Find the Lady
When a $300,000 necklace is stolen, McGill sets his sights on the 10 percent finder's fee offered by the insurance company. He collaborates with an old informer, but a deadly misstep may cost him more than his commission.

Episode 13: The Bridge
The son of an English lord keeps trying to kill himself in the same way that one of his friends died--by throwing himself off London's Albert Bridge. His father asks McGill to investigate what inspired the death wish.

Episode 14: The Man Who Stood Still
A Spanish anarchist just released from prison has pondered one question for the last 30 years: whether an old comrade's betrayal lost him his freedom. He recruits McGill to help him uncover the truth at last.

Episode 15: Burden of Proof
After working as an advisor to a Central American republic for 20 years, Englishman Henry Faversham is accused of embezzling half a million pesos in gold. He flees to London and hires McGill for protection--but it may be too late.
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Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 728 minutes
Format: Full screen
Number of discs: 4
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Rating: NR
"Stylish action-adventure series"--The Independent (UK)
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