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Sharp writing and charismatic characters have made this English comedy-drama a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. (A sixth season has been confirmed.) This set collects the first five series plus the two made-for-TV movies that introduced the main character and his picturesque Cornish fishing village. Start new, catch up, watch favorite episodes or those you missed. Martin Clunes stars as the badtempered doctor, Caroline Catz is the woman he loves. 38 episodes and 2 movies, 33 hrs, 13 DVDs, SDH. Mature audiences.
In these five complete series, Doc Martin catches the eye of the most beautiful woman in Portwenn, tests the patience of his long-suffering aunt, and repeatedly hurts feelings as he heals bodies.

The two feature-length movies reveal the character's first incarnation as Dr. Martin Bamford. He's still ornery but less socially inept, an obstetrician fleeing to the coastal village to reassess his marriage and career.
  • Behind-the-scenes segments
  • Photo galleries
  • Cast trivia
  • Cast filmographies
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 33 hours, plus bonus programming
Format: Widescreen
Number of Discs: 13
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Rating: NR. Contains partial nudity, graphic medical scenes, and sexual situations.
“Sweet, stirring, and completely addictive” ––Slate

“Delightfully quirky” —Los Angeles Times

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By Frankie from TX on 4/22/2014

We both, my husband and I, absolutely love the DOC MARTIN series - we recently purchased the set of 5 plus 2 movies and we bought number 6 as well. We thoroughly enjoy the stories, the beautiful fishing village settings, the marvelous cast, we anticipate every night watching a program or two. English/Cornish accents are difficult for us therefore we find ourselves reversing to determine what was said...or perhaps we will watch the same program 2 or 3 times where we catch yet something missed in previous viewings.Martin Clunes is brillant, and Catherine Catz, Ian, Jo, all the cast and company are excedptionally outstanding cast!! It is obvious everyone loves their job! We love it so much, we bought the same set and number 6 for our son and his wife. We dread when the time comes and production of the show is no longer!Thanks for good, clean, funny, bittersweet, intelligent , ???, viewing!!!!!! Not many choices in today's world!

A Cornwall Delight
By JM from NY on 1/30/2014

Beautiful scenery, hilarious quirky characters, good story lines, main character elicits our empathy--he is the underdog, and I root for him.

A Real Surprise
By Marie from MI on 10/13/2014

I was accustomed to buying the mystery series and then along came Doc Martin. While it's true, he's surly, self-centered, and obnoxious, he's an excellent physician and his personality makes one laugh because he's so out of touch with reality. This may be a sleeper but it was well worth the watch. It was excellent and I couldn't wait for the next adventure coming up with great anticipation.

A wealth of human experience...and hilarious
By Dr. from DC on 4/7/2014

This series provides an honest view of experiences of a doctor's life and practice and that of his wife and family. Wise, touching, humorous, realistic, insightful. Actor and writers are fabulous. Our doctor friends love it and so do we.

Arrived quickly and Safely
By Ceri from CO on 12/2/2014

I can't wait to give this to my parents for Christmas. They LOVE this series!

By Shirl from CA on 3/27/2014

It is such a cleaver, funny, and educational show. Ok so not so much educational, but very clever. The setting is beautiful and you feel like you are really there.

Delightful series!
By Bets from OR on 1/9/2014

My husband and I look forward to our daily episode of Doc Martin. We laugh so at the wonderful acting of all the cast. We've purchased the entire series, including Season 6, and feel it's well worth the cost. British humor at its best!

doc martin
By c from VA on 9/29/2014

traded it to my sister for her dvds of Miss Fisher

Doc Martin
By C. from NC on 7/4/2014

I bought Doc Martin because online they said this might be the last season. I hope not. I can not stop laughing when I watch Dr. Martin. I just know my neighbors can hear me I laugh so loud and so long!!

doc Martin
By Danusha from PA on 4/7/2014

Lovely English dramady filmed in picturesque Cornwall seaside village.

Doc Martin
By Glenna from FL on 6/6/2014

LOVE it!!

Doc Martin
By Glenna-LOVE from FL on 6/6/2014

Like it better than any. Don't you have the rest of the series available??? Saw some on TV--Want the rest

Doc Martin
By JoAnne from CA on 5/30/2013

I started watching this series on my local PBS Station and just loved it. Because I missed some of the programs, I bought the boxed set of all 5 seasons. Last night I stayed up until 3 -00am and finished the last episode with tears in my eyes. The tears were for the fact that I loved how the final showed ended but also because it was the final episode. I wish there was a season 6 and so on....too bad!

doc martin and cast--
By lg from OK on 6/24/2013

what a lovely way to escape the cares of the day by watching the torments of the faithful dr. ellington....thank you!

Doc Martin CD Special Collection
By Cathy from IN on 1/9/2014

My husband and I love Doc Martin and are so excited to have the collection! We received it very quickly and are happy with the service.

Doc Martin Collection
By Patt from CA on 4/15/2013

I bought this collection because I had seen a few episodes on PBS and really enjoyed them. I, along with my husband who is also hooked, have spent many enjoyable hours watching this collection and couldn't have spent our money more wisely for all the entertainment it has given us. Wonderful!

Doc Martin DVD collection
By H.L.W. from NC on 11/4/2013

Had been watching Doc Martin on PBS, and decided to get the collection for watching in the future, and perhaps to lend to family members. It is enjoyable to be able to watch the episodes in order - makes it a lot easier to keep track of the characters.

Doc martin dvd collection
By Lynn from IL on 1/27/2014

Very pleased with purchase and the super fast shipping!! WOuld highly recommend.

Doc Martin DVD Special Collection
By Elaine from GA on 1/21/2014

Doc Martin is British wit at its best! He's deliciously rude!

Doc Martin Rocks
By DocMartinFan from MD on 8/2/2013

Love this series and decided to purchase the collection. It's well worth the price and we watch over and over again.

doc martin series
By carolee from FL on 7/28/2014

loved the stories. wish we had more doctors around who diagnosed everyone right off the bat.

Doc Martin Series
By Susan from FL on 11/21/2013

Love the show. Bought it for a relative who lives overseas and can't get it on TV. Package arrived in mint condition. I was able to repack and send. Arrived in perfect condition. My relative is now enjoying Doc Martin as much as I have. Thanks

Doc Martin series
By Wisteria from MA on 10/22/2013

I am totally hooked on this series. The characters and plot development are rich and full. And accurate for the most part. I don't want it to end! At least Series 6 is next!

By Carolyn from VA on 9/26/2014

I laugh, I cry, I chuckle and I think about the subtle way they get a point across. I love the way everyone accepts each other as they are. I have series 6 already and can't wait for Series 7.

Doc Martin Series 1-5 and 2 movies
By Charles from ON on 11/5/2013

Excellent,after we got over bad Series 3 problems.Excellent series.

Doc Martin series 1-5 plus movies
By I from OH on 4/30/2014

I have not watched any of these yet, but I have watched them on TV and think they are well acted and hilarious. I have introduced 2 of my friends to these and they love to watch them on PBS also. So I decided to get these so I can watch them anytime I would like to watch.

Doc Martin Series is Great!
By Winifred from NC on 12/10/2013

We are fairly new to Doc Martin and have enjoyed it so much. Then we found that we are seeing Year 6 on TV, so I ordered the Series 1-5 package from you and are loving it! Great, fast service and good follow-up.

Doc Martin Series Special
By J. from ON on 2/21/2014

My cousin recommended the show because of the beautiful scenery. We are really enjoying the escapades of Portwenn and its reaction to Doctor Ellingham.

Doc Martin SO FUNNY!!!!
By Melody from CA on 9/30/2013

I know I will watch this series over and over. All of the characters are so endearing and I got so attached to all of them. Its nice to know I can see them whenever I want to with the DVDs. I am on the waiting list for Doc Martin 6 and I hope there are many more to come. The box set was an especially good deal for so many hours of enjoyment. These stories are suitable for children as well as adults, I would be very comfortable letting my grandson watch, although he is probably too young to understand everything , 5, . I first saw an episode on PBS and instantly wanted to see all of it. This purchase was definitely worth it. I also have all of the Midsommer Murder series which are great too.

Doc Martin special
By Doc from NY on 2/20/2014

Love the DVD and acorn's service Probably will not buy from acorn again. I bought 2dvds. They both have12 minutes of commercials at the start of the DVDs. Very annoying

Doc Martin special collection
By Shopper from AB on 1/21/2014

We are very pleased to have this collection as we are huge fans of the Doc Martin show which we see on PBS - this set includes 2 movies which was a wonderful addition. However, the first disc we played was skipping throughout the first show. We have only watched the first set of the series and hope it does not continue on other discs. In addition, we were charged $15.00 or so when this package - and the 'Foyle's War' set - arrived which was perhaps duty but I ordered it from Acorn Canada so do not know why. I ordered both sets at the same time but Doc Martin was backordered. You said there would not be two shipping charges but did not mention the $15.00 charge at the door - twice. I was not impressed with that additional charge. Perhaps you could explain what it is and start advising people that it is part of the cost of your product delivery.

DOC MARTIN Special Collection
By Becca from PA on 6/29/2013

This is such a great series about life in a small town....could be anywhere, but is in the LOVELY seaside town on the Cornwall coast of England. The characters in the town rub the 'doc' wrong in all the right places until he realizes there IS something there for him and he decides to stay....and on it goes. WONDERFUL...full of laughter and tears.

Doc Martin Special Collection
By MaryAnn from AZ on 9/25/2014

Like Doc Martin series

Doc Martin Thumbs up
By I from VT on 10/30/2013

I really got into the series but I didn't see the whole thing so I finially decided to buy the collection and I loved it. can't wait for season 6 I will perchase that as wee. Its how a disfunctional community becomes a wonderful community. I just loved it Karen Moulton

Doc Martin, S1 to S6
By 63-year from ON on 5/9/2014

I love this show. Can't wait for the next seasons to come! Very funny and entertaining.

Doc Martin, Special Collection
By Janis from CA on 12/18/2013

This series is a great combination of entertaining British comedy and drama.

Doc Martin - A Special Collection
By Ann from IA on 6/20/2013

I know we will like the special collection because we like the PBS airing of Doc Martin so much. It will be so nice to have our own videos of this program. We like it because now we can watch Doc Martin whenever we want to.

Doc Martin - Special Collection
By Retired from CA on 8/11/2014

Great!!! Watched on Public TV. Loved Doc Martin and Louisa and darling Cornish village, along with all the funny, lovable, crazy characters in the village. Wanted to see all the series from day 1. So, bought this. Also, sent one to my daughter in Florida. She loves Doc Martin, too. Addicted!!!

Doc Martin - Special Collection
By Berta from PA on 6/7/2014

The quality of the Special Collection was excellent. I really enjoyed the movies and the first two seasons. After that it became more of a soap opera, which is not one on my favorites.

Doc Martin - Special Collection
By Dawn from NC on 5/6/2014

I bought this to fill in the episodes I've missed on PBS. Season 1 disc had some skips and blips, which was a bit frustrating. :-/ Still working my way through Season 2, and so far so good.

Doc Martin - Special Collection
By Rebecca from PA on 5/11/2013

I'm of English descent and find Martin Clunes an absolute HOOT! To my mind he's a stellar actor, whom I've seen in his real-life research of deep-water animals and other creatures. In a word he is brilliant! I'm extremely happy to own this special collection, which will bring me more laughter than anything else will, I'm sure. I wouldn't miss 'Doc Martin' for anything! Thank you.

Doc Martin - special collection
By Steve from OH on 1/21/2014

I ordered this collection from acorn when it was on sale. It was back ordered, which I knew before I ordered it, it arrived before it was promised and was as described. I have had a great time watching it and the movies that the series was based on were fun to watch. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

Doc Martin - Special Edition
By Eddy from VA on 7/12/2013

We have been following the show on public TV for about 2 years now, and the series skips around, so it is nice to see the episodes in order, what a great show.

Doc Martin--quirky and refreshingly different!
By We from FL on 1/21/2014

We love British programming, but this is one of the best ever. Similar to 'House,' but with less predictable stories and a more likeable grumpy doc. The Cornwall setting is amazingly beautiful and the villagers delightful. A real winner!

DOC Martin-Special Collection
By Helen from TX on 1/21/2014

I bought the collection because I love the show and didn't realize it was still on and I had MISSED a number of the programs. From now on, I'll buy the new seasons

Enjoying Doc Martin
By Clara from CA on 12/25/2013

Classic British humor and an enjoyable tale. We are glad to have the CDs since we missed the series when originally on TV.

Good Stuff
By Bill from NY on 3/25/2013

Met and exceeded my expectations. Provided me a good time and my family enjoyed it as well...

Great series
By Azucena from MA on 4/16/2014

One of the best British series available. It's really funny, interesting and engaging. I bought it for me, but now even my son watches it, and it's riveting! I love it!

Great service
By Jill from FL on 10/7/2013

Loved the prompt service and professional service.

Great set of Videos !!!
By RoyceFamily from NH on 3/26/2013

I like the 'trailers' on Acorn to have some idea as to the quality and content of videos. My wife and I have only viewed one of this set of videos so far. We are going on a 3-week cruise soon and will view more as time permits. Very entertaining !!!

It is great!!!!!!!
By Marvin from IL on 9/5/2014

My wife and I have really enjoyed the series. She and I share some of the traits he shows. So we understand what goes on.

Liked this on TV, but much better this way.
By Betty from PA on 9/6/2013

The family really likes this British TV series. The only problem is the local public TV station doesn't carry thru with the programs. One time you might catch something that piques your interest, but then the next show isn't even close to what was shown previously. With this total package you control when and what you see - this is a very good thing. This offering was 'just what the doctor ordered.'

Love Doc Martin
By Marchel from TX on 1/25/2014

I've seen all the shows either on television or through Netflix. Decided I wanted them all for my own. I love to watch them over.

Love the series
By Roger from MD on 1/9/2014

We watch the TV episodes often. After hit or miss with the sequence of broadcast episodes, we decided to purchase the entire set. Needless to say, we are delighted.

By Beachcomber64 from NJ on 12/17/2013

Have missed this series since it disappeared from the TV over a year ago. Now my husband and I can watch Doc Martin whenever we want to. It is a great series and we're sorry it's ending. Unfortunately, great series don't go on forever!

By Maggie from TN on 12/30/2013

Wonderful dry humor.

Perfect condition
By Grandmother from CA on 6/10/2013

I love this special collection addition. Can't wait until I can buy season 6!

Product great . . . shipping costs not so great!
By Unhappy on 11/18/2013

I bought the Doc Martin set as a gift. the price was better than I could get from any other vender. Even the shipping cost to Canada was okay. HOWEVER, when I went to pick up the parcel at the post office, I had to pay an additional Fee of $15.00. It was called a broker's fee. NO WHERE ON THE WEB SITE DID IT SAY THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL FEE. I called Customer Service and was basically told nothing they could do about that or too bad for you! So, won't be buying or recommending you again.

Review of Doc Martin by John Lopez
By John from UT on 5/15/2013

My wife and my mother have been fans of Doc Martin for some time. My wife invited me to watch it with her and I have done so ever since. My mother lives in Wyoming, and we would call her every Wed and Sat to remind her that Doc Martin was coming on. While watching the show on the Public TV station, we found that the episodes were often out of sequence. We decided to order the Series so that we could watch it in order from the beginning. We found that watching from the beginning and knowing who the characters are and how they fit into the Series has been most satisfying. We have been having night at the movies every night for several days watching one or two episodes each night WITHOUT commercials. Without commercials it has been great and most enjoyable. Frankly, I do not understand why all the women love Doc Martin. He is unfriendly and has a sharp tongue. I find it interesting that a person , Doc Martin, could be such a brilliant doctor and be such a failure at social skills. Perhaps he will impro

Review of Doc Martin Collection
By Dochas from MT on 4/11/2013

The collection is lots of fun and merits repeat viewing. Much better than the news.

By paula from GA on 8/27/2013

loved the entire series on pbs

Slow mail
By Robert from SA on 11/26/2013

You say the item was shipped on the 5th of November I have not received it yet hard to comment on service when I have not had any so far.

Thanks Acorn-- for the Doc Martin Collection
By Lucy from SC on 5/9/2013

I love this series and thought I'd treat myself to the whole package,better pricing than individually.The only DVD's I have not viewed are the last disc of season 3 and all of season 4. The quality is excellent, no problems at all. The item shipped in a timely manner and I will order from Acorn again.

Very good
By Rick from OK on 4/15/2014

All 5 series and the movies all have closed captions for the hearing impaired, which is nice. The audio quality is excellent and they are all in 16 -9 widescreen format. Some of the discs have extras such as photos, backgrounders and making-of video. Some are a bit repetitive but its good to see small snippets of how the show was made and interviews with actors, writers and directors. One caveat is Series 6 is not included, you must purchase that separately.

We love the Doc Martin shows but only had bits and pieces from each series and
By Brenda from NH on 9/5/2013

We love the Doc Martin shows and very much enjoyed getting the 'whole story' with all the series out to date. The movie did not appeal as much because it changed the the personality of the show we now watch.

We're addicted
By KBBarden from NY on 12/7/2013

Purchased as a Christmas present, and given on Thanksgiving, we've watch only these DVDs [skipped all TV] since they were presented!

Worthy of ten stars!
By Cheryl from CA on 11/4/2013

I absolutely adore this series. I bought it so I could watch it once a year. The characters are perfect and every time I watch it, I find something I missed. It is one of the best series I have ever, ever seen.

By Shopper from BC on 6/9/2014

Love Doc Martin Series

By Shopper from NY on 4/25/2014

Doc Martin is a great series, totally hooked!! Love every episode, the actors are great. Thank you for making the series available to buy. It was very easy to order, got it at a great price and I received my shipment in no time. Thank you!

By Shopper from CA on 4/3/2013

I love British comedy and Doc Martin had it all

By Shopper from CO on 3/30/2013

Arrived days early

By Shopper on 3/11/2013

good value for the complete seasons plus the 2 movies

By Bruce from TX on 10/14/2014


By Dee from MA on 10/2/2014

I love Doc Martin and can't wait for series 7.

By Mark from TN on 5/13/2014

Very pleased with this DVD set.