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There's more than one way to tell a good story, and Doc Martin is no exception. Before the hit series launched in 2004, two made-for-TV movies introduced the main character and the picturesque Cornish fishing village of Port Isaac (later called Portwenn). Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) stars in both feature-length. Here the doctor's last name is Bamford, not Ellingham. He's an obstetrician, not a surgeon, and his reasons for leaving London are more personal than professional. He's not yet rude, irascible, and socially inept, and he even smiles, but we get early glimpses of his selfishness, short temper, and distaste for dogs. In Doc Martin, the doctor flees to a coastal village to reassess his marriage and his career. In Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie, he resorts to camouflage, subterfuge, and magic to get what he wants: a house in the country. 2 episodes, approx. 162 min. on 2 DVDs.
Disc 1
Doc Martin
After learning that his wife has been cheating on him, Doctor Martin Bamford impetuously leaves London for a week in a coastal village he visited as a child. Charmed by the scenery and the locals, he stays longer than he planned, makes friends, learns to fish, and helps solve a mystery.
Disc 2
Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie
Now settled in as the local G.P., Doc Martin longs for privacy. Everyone in the village knows everything about his life. He wants to buy a large, isolated farm, but his plans fall through when a London family swoops in. To secure his dream home, the doctor uses local folk magic and invokes a fabled beast.
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 162 minutes
Format: Widescreen
Number of Discs: 2
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Rating: NR. Contains partial nudity, graphic medical scenes, and adult situations.
“Thoroughly charming” —The Guardian (UK)

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Doc Martin
By Lucille on 10/11/2012

I just started watching Doc Martin and wanted to know how the series started. He is a funny guy and every episode is a new adventure and always entertaining.

All Doc Martin is good
By patricia from WA on 3/11/2013

We have watched all the episodes and happy to see the movies available. Very good. We want more Doc Martin

Big hit
By Helen from MD on 1/11/2013

This was a Christmas present for my husband who faithfully watches the Doc Martin series. It was a big hit on Christmas and again on New Year's Eve when we watched it together. Great to see the difference between the movies and the series.

Christmas Gift
By Peyton from DE on 1/6/2014

The recipient of this gift is a real Doc Martin fan, and had seen the moveis some years ago, but was pleased to receive them in order to 'catch-up'.

Doc Martin
By Ed from CA on 6/4/2013

I like the product, but I have been trying to get a defective disc replaced since Jan. and I still don't have it.

doc martin - the movies
By Shopper on 6/27/2012

Excellent seris of Doc Martin

Doc Martin 'The Movies'
By Railroad from NC on 1/30/2014

Just a little slower than the series, but this is to be expected. I only watch 1 or 2 of the episodes from the series at a time, so they will last! I love them!!!

Doc Martin - The Movies
By Maurice from IN on 12/11/2013

Excellent comedic acting by the entire cast. Great writing and directing. Martin Clunes is, absolutely, delightful !

Doc Martin 0 The Movies
By Jane from PA on 1/4/2013

Doc Martin is a delight to watch and share in the subtle fun. The environment pictures are really stunning to see. The actors do a terrific job bringing Doc Martin to life.

By on

By on

Doc Martin Doppelanger
By Sarah from NY on 3/23/2012

I liked the one movie I saw, but was shocked and a little disappointed that the surly straight and brilliant Doc Martin I 'knew' from the series was a smoker, drinker, and laughed a lot in the movie! It was weird. Then I read about how the movies came first and then Martin Clunes came up with the 'new' , series, Doc Martin with a new writer who made him more 'fun' as a completely lovable weirdo. I find myself ACTING like him, he's so convincing and you almost ENVY his ability to be so awful. :,

Doc Martin movies
By richard on 3/20/2013

We liked the series so had to see the movies, liking them. No complaints. I appreciate that you don't share my information nor send unwanted emails. I know how to teach you.

Doc Martin The movie
By john from PA on 10/5/2012

Not as intesresting as the TV series

By Nancy from VA on 1/4/2013

Ilove the weekly show and bought this for my husband. It was great to see how it all started. I thought Doc was very different in this movie compared to his weekly series.

Doc Martin The Movies
By Shopper on 5/31/2013

We bought it to see 'how it all began.' Worth the money. Will share with friends and family.

doc Martin the movies
By Irene from CA on 12/25/2012

Acorn offers the dvds i like and i like the quality of the items they offer and you can not find them else where and the prices are reasonable.thank you

Doc Martin the Movies
By JAJS from AB on 11/23/2012

Very much enjoyed the Doc Martin series and enjoyed seeing a much gentler side

Doc Martin the movies, and series 1
By Dave from IL on 10/25/2012

I happened on the tv show by chance and love it. I bought the above so I could see how it started. Enjoyed both the movies, and the series.

Doc Martin with a Smile!
By lucyrae from FL on 3/1/2014

This is the original Doc Martin before it was changed to a series, and the Doc turned grumpy. I must admit, I like him both ways--Martin has a beautiful infectious smile--but it's the grumpy character you connect with more, and want things to go right for--once you meet his parents in the series, you understand a lot more about how he is 'in real life', and why he reacts to situations or at times, doesn't have a clue how to interact with others. I highly recommend both the original 2 movies, and the series--long may it go on--it will be interesting to see how they raise the child.

Doc Martin, the Movies
By Larry from KY on 9/27/2012

After having seen the TV Series 1 through 4, We HAD to have these to complete the 'picture' !

Doc Martin, the movies.
By Shirley from GA on 11/25/2013

Just like the episodes I already own, these are great. Thank you for thoughtful and hilarious elevisionl

Doc Martin - The Movies
By LaNell from TX on 9/19/2012

A funny, fast-paced drama! A great gift idea for your Mother or Grandmother. No offensive language.

Doc Martin - the movies
By British from CA on 1/4/2013

British humor.

Doc Martin - The Movies
By M. from OR on 1/18/2013

A fun and funny intro before the TV series began! I purchased 2 of these sets as gifts, having enjoyed the Doc Martin series. Even though one can watch them on Netflix, it is nice to share with friends.

Doc Martin - The Movies
By Krystyna from MD on 9/19/2012

I enjoyed watching the 2 discs that preceded the TV series of Doc Martin. Martin Clunes was more 'humorous' in the movies version. He is very 'versatile' as an actor and does a convincing job of portraying his different characters. The personalities of his main characters are not all identical and he is skillful at expressing their various shades of comedy and drama. I bought the series because I enjoy watching PBS. PBS is a bit more interesting than the standard offerings of the other stations. I do not have cable TV and PBS seems to offer more selections for a 'mature' audience.

Doc Martin-The Movies
By Social from ND on 9/10/2012

Wonderful uplift from the daily grind. A great diversion from everyday doldrums.

Doc's the Cure!
By Walter from IL on 11/7/2012

Totally enjoyable.

Dr Martin Movies and Series
By Former from MA on 9/11/2012

Following series provoked interest in the movies.Clunes a great actor!

Enjoyable precursors
By scoots from SC on 11/26/2012

Quite entertaining antecedents of the series Doc Martin.

Fast service
By John from FL on 8/8/2012

I ordered this set of two Doc martin movies for my wife's birthday. They arrived exaclty on the day right after we had finished diner and she was starting to question if I'd forgotten her birthday. :, Perfect timing!

I bought 'Doc Martin, The Movies'.
By Carol from PA on 1/4/2013

It was simple to order the movies and they arrived at my home in a timely manner and in good condition. I'm very satisfied with the transaction

is the Doctor in?
By Anglophile from NC on 3/17/2014

Good movies but Tv series is much better. Would not have purchased for the price if I could have found cheaper or used.

Love Doc Martin
By Mary from AR on 5/21/2013

These 2 movies are great. But you must keep in mind these aren't exactly like the Doc Martin series. But a good introduction to the character.

Love the Brits
By Donna from IN on 3/8/2014

I adore Doc Martin and loved the movies leading up to the series.Would love to visit the place where it was filmed. British T.V. is so refreshing and has a different edge to dramas and comedies.

Love The Doc Martin series, movies and character
By Nan from CA on 8/17/2012

Absolutely delighted

By silversewer from NM on 12/17/2013

Enjoyed the films. Fun to see the Doc actually smile.

Movie Dr. Martin
By Lynda from VA on 2/24/2014

I like Dr. Martin shows that come on TV but did not like this movie. I hope the TV shows do not cease.

My new favorite pass time!
By Katie from IL on 11/15/2012

My mom has been telling me about Doc Martin for years and recently I caught the show on TV - well it's wonderfull and funnier than I imagined. We want to take a trip there to visit the town where it's filmed.

Thank Goodness Doc Martin Became a TV show
By Brit-TV from IA on 12/13/2013

We bought the Doc Martin TV movies because we like the TV series so well. It is amazing that these nice but not stellar TV movies were the inspiration for the witty show with quirky yet lovable characters.

The Movies
By Yvonne from OH on 7/9/2012

I have watched all 5 seasons of the series. Interesting to see the evolution of the character from the beginning.

The Movies- 2 - of Doc Martin
By Marni from VA on 12/2/2013

This two-movie set is worth the small price to pay to understand the history behind Doc Martin's TV series.The first movie in the two-part dvd is the early professional life of Doc Martin, set in London, a a young married OB-GYN. He is married to a doctor. I do not want to ruin the movie for everyone or anyone, but what transpires explains the deep-seeded hurt which makes Doc Martin afraid of relationships in the TV series. He goes back to his childhood summers by visiting Cornwall and acquires a deep affection for the people currently living there. It is a love story, and a satisfying one. The second dvd in the package is about Doc Martin's early attempt to settle in Cornwall and his fiasco over attempting to acquire what is now his medical clinic. The characters are extreme, their behaviours are outrageous, and even Doc Martin takes on characteristics and activities that were not to be seen again in the TV series. Yet, it does help to explain his psychological development, hints at his acquisition of

We love Doc Martin
By Sandy from TX on 3/24/2014

We have been following the series on KLRN and decided we would like to know the beginning. Have enjoyed the movies almost as much as the series and will probably watch it several times.

By Janet from UT on 10/9/2012

I am amazed at how quickly my movie arrived. It was bought for my mother's birthday. However, I was a bit disappointed the Doc Martin bobble head was out of stock.

By Shopper from LA on 12/10/2012

This is a gift for someone so it hasn't been opened yet but Doc Martin is always great

By Shopper on 12/4/2012

Bought the movies as a gift for my parents. Don't know anything about them. But, I can say that ordering from your company was easy and I will use your catalog again.

By Shopper from KY on 8/3/2012

Liked the story but did not like the marijuana smoking or the cussing.

By anthony from NJ on 10/18/2012

Details wonderfull

By Lorraine from PA on 5/17/2012

Absolutely love the series, Doc is incredible. The town folk are quirky.

By Paula from IN on 7/9/2012

We purchased the film after devouring the series so we we had to adjust our expectation of Doc Martin's different characterization but Clunes shows his talents and beautiful Port Isaac glistens.

By Ron from MO on 6/11/2012

great movies and great service from acorn

By Roy from MA on 3/12/2013

We like English programs . The Dr. Martin movie and TV program are some of the best so far.