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This critically acclaimed drama from the creator of Da Vinci's Inquest takes you deep inside the murky world of organized crime and the cops who keep tabs on it. As a dedicated father, respected businessman, and big-time drug smuggler, Jimmy Reardon feels the heat from outlaw bikers muscling in on his territory. Mary Spalding, the ruthlessly ambitious head of Vancouver's organized crime unit, fears her rivals in the intelligence community—particularly Ted Altman, her dementedly devious second-in-command—more than she fears criminals. Together, Jimmy and Mary form an uneasy alliance that threatens to undo them both. As Ted says, “It's a new world, with new rules—which are, there are no rules.” Except one: always watch your back. From Vancouver's mean streets to its high-rise offices, Intelligence shows the shifty nature of undercover information-gathering, where your deadliest enemy can become your closest confidant and treachery is taken for granted. 14 episodes; approx. 11 hours 16 min. on 4 DVDs.
Disc 1
Episode 1
Intelligence: The Pilot
Mary Spalding, head of Vancouver’s Organized Crime Unit, eyes a promotion to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Her subordinate, Ted Altman, tries to undermine her chances but commits a disastrous blunder. Crime boss Jimmy Reardon comes into possession of potentially damaging OCU files, and the repercussions affect his family.

Episode 2
Where Good Men Die Like Dogs
As a price war looms with the Disciples, Jimmy tries to decide what to do about Bill, the grower who lost an entire crop in a suspicious security lapse. Mary meets with Roger Deakins—her rival for head of CSIS’s Asia-Pacific division—and learns of dangerous enemies inside her own office.

Episode 3
A Champagne Payday
As Jimmy interviews new suppliers, his brother Michael undertakes a side business of his own—running weed to the States—and encounters big problems. In an effort to infiltrate the Reardon empire, Mary recruits Tina from Katarina’s escort service to become a stripper at the Chickadee.

Disc 2
Episode 4
Don’t Break Your Brother’s Heart
Even as she takes steps to deal with the mole in her wire room, Mary makes an important presentation that she hopes will cement her promotion to CSIS. Back at the Chickadee, Ronnie becomes increasingly concerned about Michael’s erratic behavior and urges him to enter rehab.

Episode 5
Jimmy’s Got a Money Machine
Jimmy runs into trouble stocking and operating the bank machines that he has been using to launder money. Worrying as much about her own agents as about the bad guys, Mary learns that the OCU mole has a girlfriend whose brother works for a Chinese crime syndicate.

Episode 6
Where There’s One, There’s Another
After Randy Bingham visits the Chickadee, Jimmy weighs whether to get involved in the stockbroker’s gun-running scheme. Mary pressures Jimmy to go in even deeper with Bingham. She also confronts Lee Ching, the mole in her wire room, and learns of a Chinese dissident marked for assassination.

Episode 7
Pressure Drop
Mary aims to tie the OCU mole to the tail of her rival, Deakins. However, as she and Martin watch, the mole gets a visit that changes Mary’s plans completely. While running cash for the Reardon bank machines, Michael has an encounter with a pair of unidentified assailants.

Disc 3
Episode 8
Love and War
The execution of the mole on Mary’s watch could kill any hope of her promotion, and she suspects a leak high in OCU or CSIS. Despite pressure from inside his organization, Jimmy resists going to war with the Disciples, preferring to wait for hard evidence against them.

Episode 9
Clean and Simple
Jimmy and Ronnie enlist their Vietnamese partners, Phan and East Side Johnny, to jack one of the Disciples’ couriers, but the plan goes horribly awry. Refusing to turn over the names of her informants to CSIS until she finds out who "ratted on her rat," Mary plans to apply serious pressure in Ottawa.

Episode 10
Cleaning Up
Winston’s foolhardy behavior at a traffic stop leads Jimmy and Ronnie to question their new supplier’s judgment. Mary persuades Deakins to delay his resignation while she investigates leaks higher up the ladder, for which she enlists Ted’s help. Meanwhile, new evidence emerges about Colin’s shooting, implicating the Disciples.

Episode 11
Things Change
The Reardons seek to expand their enterprises, with Mike looking to buy a nightclub and Jimmy eyeing an offshore bank. Mary offers Randy Bingham protection—even though she seems to know more about his gun-running operation than he does.

Disc 4
Episode 12
Not a Nice Boy!
The DEA busts Alex, Jimmy’s stateside distributor, and proceeds to bait a trap. But, anticipating a rich retirement for himself and a promotion for both Mary and Ted, Deakins advises Ted to call off the Reardon sting. Meanwhile, Jimmy tests Francine’s courage under pressure.

Episode 13
Dante’s Inferno
Dante drives away from the Chickadee with a prisoner in the back seat—East Side Johnny, the Vietnamese shooter who killed the Disciples’ courier. Fearing the worst, Jimmy and Ronnie tear off in pursuit. Using Katarina’s wiles, Mary collects hard evidence on Royden before the axe falls on her.

Episode 14
Down but Not Out
With his life at risk, Jimmy marshals all of his resources to learn the name of the OCU officer threatening to out him as an informant. And with her job on the line, Mary devises a last-ditch scheme to eliminate Royden. Meanwhile, Jimmy and his family head toward Seattle, directly into the DEA’s trap.
  • Biography of series creator Chris Haddock
  • Behind-the-scenes clips
  • Character descriptions
  • Cast filmographies
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 676 minutes
Format: Widescreen
Number of discs: 4
Language: English
Subtitles: N/A
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Rating: N/A
"One of the smartest cop dramas in years"—The Vancouver Sun

"Classic film noir"—The Vancouver Sun

"Smart, slick, layered and dryly funny"—The Globe and Mail

"Ferocious and fine serial thriller"—The Ottawa Citizen

"Superbly crafted crime drama, with loads of action and … compelling intrigue"—The Globe and Mail

"Smart … sexy … edgy"—The Toronto Star

"Ian Tracey is terrific"—The Toronto Star

"Thrilling"—The Toronto Star

"Uniformly excellent"—The Toronto Star

"Some damned fine television… acting is top notch throughout"—Blogcritics Magazine

"Wonderfully written and brilliantly acted"—

"The best new television crime drama since HBO's The Wire"—DVD Talk

"Riveting"—Exclusive Magazine

"Featuring realistic writing and precise acting"—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"It's better, smarter and more sophisticated than its American counterparts"—MSN Entertainment

"The best series you've never watched"—The Seattle Times

"Gorgeously gritty Canadian thriller with seductive crooks, ruthless coppers and mysteries so complex critics have called it a Rubik’s Cube."—San Jose Mercury News blog

"The smartest crime drama since ‘The Wire’"—Crime Spree Cinema

"A wonderfully crafted, intricate work that is hard to stop watching"—Courier Publications

"A veritable edge-of-the-seat chess match"—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Gemini Award Nomination for Best Television Movie (2006)

Gemini Award Nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series (Ian Tracey, 2006)

Gemini Award Nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series (Klea Scott, 2006)

Gemini Award Nomination for Best Direction in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series (2006)

Gemini Award Nomination for Best Writing in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series (2006)

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Crime at it's Best:
By Rickmac from NY on 12/17/2013

Well acted , diverse characters and the plot has many twists. Good Show!!!!!!

Great Show
By Onazol17 from NY on 2/10/2014

Do want 2 watch the next series!

By Retired from OH on 12/17/2013

Very Good.

Intelligence Season One
By Shopper from TX on 2/19/2014

This is a great series, very fast paced, with complex engaging characters. Compares to The Wire for a gritty realistic portrayal of cops and criminals. The real innovation in the series is that the most important commodity for both sides is knowing what the other guys - friends and enemies - are doing.

Intelligence, Season one
By Nod from WV on 1/24/2014

Purchased to try it out. It held my interest from the get go. Well done and well acted.