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Glorious gardens and classic whodunits combine in this hit British series seen on public television. Rosemary Boxer (Felicity Kendal) is a former professor, Laura Thyme (Pam Ferris) a former policewoman. They share a passion for horticulture and a talent for sleuthing. Filmed on location in English and European countryside settings, the collection includes all 3 series— now with subtitles. 22 episodes, 18 ½ hrs, 7 DVDs, SDH.
Series One (Discs 1-3)
Laura Thyme, a former policewoman and garden-loving housewife, has just lost her husband to a much younger woman when she meets Rosemary Boxer, a plant biologist who has just lost her university teaching post. A suspicious death brings them together, and they combine their gardening skills and natural curiosity to dig deeper. Despite the success of their first “case,” Laura and Rosemary hope their blossoming friendship will lead to gardening commissions, not detective work. But mysteries have a habit of following them around in this appealing series that combines two British specialties: gardening and mystery.
Disc 1
And No Birds Sing
Arabica and the Early Spider
Disc 2
The Language of Flowers
Sweet Angelica
Disc 3
A Simple Plot
The Tree of Death
Series Two (Discs 4-6)
Exotic gardens on the French Riviera and Italy’s Ligurian coast complement beautiful backdrops in London and the English countryside as Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme take on an array of new gardening commissions. Intent only on solving puzzles of nature, they stumble upon mysterious crimes when they unearth tensions, secrets, and the occasional dead body. The second installment of this hit mystery series begins with a double episode followed by seven regular episodes. Restoring a walled garden and surviving the cutthroat world of a TV garden makeover show are among the challenges they face.
Disc 4
The Memory of Water
Orpheus in the Undergrowth
Disc 5
They Understand Me in Paris
The Invisible Worm
The Gongoozlers
Disc 6
The Italian Rapscallion
Swords Into Ploughshares
Up the Garden Path
Series Three (Discs 7-9)
Stunning locations at home and abroad provide the backdrop for this hit British mystery series starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris as professional gardeners and amateur sleuths. From their former careers as a university plant biologist and a police officer, Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme bring unique investigative talents to their horticultural and human mysteries. Their unobtrusive presence in the garden gives them unique access to secrets other detectives might miss—and that murderers would rather not reveal.
Disc 7
In a Monastery Garden
Seeds of Time
Agua Cadaver
Disc 8
Three Legs Good
The Gooseberry Bush
Racquet Espanol
Disc 9
Enter Two Gardeners
The Cup of Silence
  • Interview with Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris
  • Production notes
  • Location notes
  • Photo galleries
  • Cast filmographies
  • Trivia quiz verdict on the infamous crime
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 18 ½ hours
Format: Widescreen
Number of Discs: 9
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: No
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Rating: NR
"Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris are enormously appealing"—
"Quite simply great fun"—
"Terrific chemistry"—Connecticut Post
"These are fun"—Crimespree Cinema
"A delightful miniseries."—Brattleboro Reformer
3 out of 5 stars – "with mature wisdom and humor, makes for a most enjoyable time."—Tulsa Review
RECOMMENDED – "The characters continue to be appealing and offer up enough charm to make them a pleasant viewing experience."—DVD Talk

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English mysteries and gardens !! What fun !!
By Janis from CA on 1/16/2013

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes , this series is for you !! So very British, and the gardens are GREAT !!!

5 stars for every episode
By Brooke from KS on 8/5/2014

delighted to own this amazing series, thank you Acorn for making it affordable! I watch the episodes over and over, they're that good

A bargain!
By John from MI on 8/4/2014

Scenic, well-acted, interesting. A really good value.

A fine series
By David from WA on 8/4/2014

We purchased this set because we had seen a number of episodes of the series and enjoyed it very much. The story lines are interesting, the two leading actresses work very well together, and they have an impressive array of guest stars. Some of the gardens are also quite beautiful.

A Real Winner!
By gapeach57 from GA on 8/4/2014

This is one of my favorite series. It has scenery, gorgeous scenery and floral arrangements and interesting plots and characters that keep you coming back for more. I have given this to several friends, who I thought would be delighted with it, and all of them say this is definitely a keeper. I was happy to see it at this great price and will definitely keep it in mind for further gift-giving.

Acorn Rocks
By Queen from PA on 8/5/2014

Love British Mysteries because characters are so realistic. Rosemary and Thyme series was sold at a great price for the value. As a lady of a certain age it is wonderful to see my peers portrayed as vibrant, intelligent, and relevant.

Always a joy
By Janie from NV on 8/5/2014

I love this series. At one time I owned it on VHS two. A fun mystery and beautiful gardens.

Beautiful Gardens Wonderful Ladies
By MyPatti from GA on 8/21/2014

My husband and have been enjoying this series every evening. The gardens are beautiful. the chemistry between the two ladies is wonderful. the stories are engaging mysteries, and the quality of the DVD is perfect. This is a great series for anyone who likes mysteries, 'girl buddy' films, and/or gardening or travel films.

Beautiful Gardens, Intriguing Mysteries
By Movie from WA on 8/21/2014

I had been interested in this series for some time, and when it was re-issued with subtitles, and at a reduced price, it was too good a deal to pass up. I am happy with my purchase and will enjoy watching this series again as I am sure I will pick up on more clues with each subsequent viewing. The gardens are lovely and also worth watching again for. If you are a fan of British shows, gardens, mysteries, or a combination of these, you will not be disappointed. Pam Ferris and Felicity Kendall are superb.

Best series ever
By Nancy from CA on 7/18/2013

Every one who watches these mysteries has loved the beauty, the information, the wit, and the acting. Wish there were more of them.

By mamafish from AZ on 12/29/2012

Beautiful scenery and clever plots. Loved the series.

delightful mysteries and beautiful European landscapes
By Sherry from TX on 8/23/2014

Saw a couple of these on PBS, but wanted the entire collection. Have enjoyed it thoroughly!

delightful to watch again and again
By Marlene from CA on 5/4/2013

a good blend of laughs, low key wisdom and an education on human nature along with plants.

Different Kind of Detectives
By Mystery from WA on 4/1/2014

A nice, low-key mystery series. The plots are quite similar, but the scenery is gorgeous and the actors are very good. Almost makes me want to make a beautiful garden!

Easy going English Mystery
By Ray from FL on 8/4/2014

Love the English mysteries, they are minimum violence, great stories, scenery and music. Very well done

Enjoyable Series
By Derek from NY on 5/4/2013

A series I always enjoyed but never saw completely. It was listed at half price and could not resist.

Excellent series and now with the option of English Subtitles.
By MrData2 from CA on 10/3/2012

I already owned a set of Rosemary and Thyme. My wife would explain what I couldn't understand , I'm very hard of hearing, , and we both enjoyed this series. When this remade version of Rosemay and Thyme came out, I saw it had a subtitle option for Deaf or hard of hearing , SDH, . I immediately bought it. After watching this, we have noticed other improvements, such as higher quality picture, better sound, a menu to select episodes, scenes, etc. Plus, we think they added at least one additional program not on the original set. Magnificent! This is a great 'non-violent' murder mystery series and a tour of some great English gardens.

Fantastic show, unfortunate condition
By RandT from CA on 8/6/2014

I loooooove this series, and was thrilled to receive it. However, after trying and trying to get disk 1 to play, I realized it had a crack right through the disk! The others are fine. Unfortunately I had long since thrown away my receipt.

By linda from IL on 8/7/2014

We feel in love with these two gals when we first saw them on our local PBS tv station. We were disappointed when they were cancelled after just a few shows, but were excited to see there were more episodes on these DVDs. Will continue to order from ACORN.. thanks..

Flowers ?
By Dan from WA on 8/4/2014

I was wondering how they were going to work flowers into murder? Very nicely done.The charature interaction is great.

for all mystery/herb lovers
By Shopper on 5/17/2013

wonderful series. arrived on time, good price, well packaged.

Fun, fun, fun
By Cathy from WA on 12/27/2012

We bought this series because I really enjoyed seeing it on PBS and wanted to see it again. The actresses are wonderful and it is just a great gem.

Garden Mysteries - Rosemary and Thyme
By Diane from MA on 8/6/2014

Am enjoying immensely as I love beautiful gardens and especially mysteries. Great combination. Arrived intact no problems. Glad I checked out this collection.

Gardening and dead bodies!!
By Lori from CA on 1/29/2013

I bought it because I saw it on our PBS several years ago, but they only had a few episodes on it. I love English mysteries and the beautiful gardens. I really like Rosemary's earrings and look for them in each episode. I like to get my RandT fix every evening before bedtime.

good show
By holly from CA on 8/4/2014

enjoy the collection, fun to watch.

good show
By kisely from BC on 8/4/2014

very pleasent show shame the stopped it

Great Fun!!
By Barb from VT on 8/4/2014

I liked the series when I started watching it on PBS and never got to see the final two seasons. The series is fun and not hard to see the clues as they appear within the story.

Great Herbs!
By R. from IL on 8/5/2014

The first 'thyme' I saw 'Rosemary and Thyme,' I fell in love with them. I'm old enough to remember 'Good Neighbors' and Felicity Kendal's super performances. I also love Pam Ferris in 'Harry Potter' , as Aunt Marge, and 'Matilda,' as well as 'Call the Midwife.' I'm not sure why the show didn't get another season. Besides the superb acting of Kendal and Ferris, there was some fabulous acting by guest stars in each segment. I highly recommend this series.

Great Mystery Couple
By Martha from MO on 5/10/2013

These two are such fun, and the settings are fabulous.

Great series
By Carole from VA on 8/16/2014

Very entertaining. I love cozy mysteries and this series has great mysteries with just the right amount of humor. The gardens are gorgeous. Love both actresses and wish they would bring back this series.

Great Series
By Jim from SC on 8/4/2014

Long-time fan and was delighted to be able to purchase the series. Always enjoyed the episodes years ago, and the refresher with the DVDs has been great!

Great Series
By Mystery from PA on 8/4/2014

This collection is well written and entertaining. I just love the stories, and these two women are just great in their respective rolls.

Happy with price reduction
By Jojo from CA on 8/4/2014

It made me so happy to see a reduced price on the 'Rosemary and Thyme' series through Amazon. I ordered it right away and it was delivered quickly. Happy!

Herbal Candy!
By Zan from MA on 8/4/2014

This series was recommended to me by a couple of friends and so I was happy to see the complete collection was available. I've been thoroughly enjoying each episode and don't want it to end!

I bought the complete series
By Maureen from PA on 9/17/2011

I only wish that the series didn't end. We've watched it many times and love the actors and beautiful gardens.

I love Rosemary and Thyme
By Helen from TX on 6/4/2014

I loved the mysteries of ROSEMARY and THYME when they were on TV. Once they were on sale, I bought them so I would have them to watch when I wanted to see them.

Inferior Quality
By PJ from NJ on 12/28/2013

Bought the gift for my daughter for Christmas who is a big fan of the series. I went to take out the first disk and the DVD cracked. I've been buying DVDs for years and never had that happen. Now I'm trying to find out how to get a replacement from ACORN but it is not easy to figure out how to contact them.

It's a Modern Classic
By T. on 4/11/2014

The tv series 'Rosemary and Thyme' has not only one of the most haunting tv theme melodies of all time but is ingenious in melding gardening and sleuthing in the same show. The series is simply excellent in terms of acting, scenery and plot. It's worth seeing.

Lady Detectives
By Jan from FL on 8/5/2014

Liked these ladies detectives very much.

Light-Hearted Murder and Fun!
By NHLadybug from NH on 8/30/2014

These two gardeners dig up bodies wherever they go! Rosemary Boxer, a botany professor who's just lost her job and Laura Thyme, an ex-cop who's going through a rough divorce, meet under under the worst of circumstances and decide to start their own business. They bicker and laugh and spend as much time sleuthing as they do gardening, and there's always at least one murder that comes with every job. Good fun and a great price on the complete set! I gave it 4 Stars only because some of the plots are just too improbable, but actually, I guess that's part of the fun...

Like gardens, like R and T
By Gale from AR on 9/27/2013

I bought this collection because I generally like BBC or other British series that have to do with mystery , I don't like ones like Downtown Abbey because they are soap operas that never end., These stories are fun, but shallow and all of a sudden are solved. I like to think about them for a while. However, the acting is good and characters entertaining and if you like to look at beautiful gardens the view is excellent from my arm chair.

Love it!
By Elder from NC on 5/3/2013

I had recorded these on VHS tapes way back but the quality of the tapes deteriorates after so many years. I am now the proud owner of the DVDs and so happy to have them...especially at the special price I paid! I'm happy to take advantage of my e-mailed notices and get such great deals at Acorn!

Love Rosemary and Thyme
By Katie from TN on 7/27/2013

I love the series Rosemary and Thyme. Not only is the pair of sleuths delightful to watch, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. The colors and beauty just increase the joy of watching them.

Love Rosemary and Thyme!!!
By mystery from MI on 8/4/2014

Witty, intelligent, and just plain fun!

Love the 'Girls'
By Barbara from CA on 11/19/2012

This series has held up so beautifully. It's fun, tense,and occasionally eerie. The scenery is gorgeous. Basically, this is a terrific and fun series.

Love the gardens
By Shopper from OH on 12/14/2014

Need closed caption

Love them!!!
By Ann from FL on 8/4/2014

I love the video set chosen after watching on Acorn TV. When I subscribed to Acorn TV and discovered this series I was ecstatic. Had seen them advertised in your catalogs through the years, but needed to experience it first hand. Can't get enough of Acorn TV!

Love this show!
By Jane from IL on 8/6/2014

Love the show and the gardens. The ladies are a hoot.

By on

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My Type of Mysteries
By Bella from OH on 8/4/2014

I ordered this series to have at home even though we have seen all the episodes previously. Why are there no new series as good? Love the gardens and the 'light' mysteries....not much blood and violence.

Nice series
By not from MI on 8/5/2014

nice series of not too difficult mysteries. both leads are pleasant and appealing.

Now that 'Rosemary and Thyme' has been re-issued with closed captions it is a Jewe
By Lon from MD on 8/11/2012

This series is a true classic but when I first bought the DVDs my poor hearing deprived me of the pleasure of enjoying but with CC all is well.

Opposites Attract
By Juanita from NC on 8/4/2014

Love this series! These ladies are so different but play off each other brilliantly. The mysteries are wonderful as are the side glimpses of their lives. I have also learned a great deal about horticulture as a side benefit. I wish the series had gone on longer.

Phenomenal, keep coming back for more
By stevensmom from CA on 9/23/2014

I absolutely LOVED this series. I saw an episode one day on TV and immediately wanted to purchase the series. The locations were gorgeous, many of the places I have been too. I quickly saw all the episodes in two I want more! This is a must see for people who love gardens and mystery in beautiful remote locations.

By linda from TX on 11/5/2013

Light and entertaining. I bought it because I am tired of reality shows.

Rosemary and Thyme
By Becky from TN on 12/11/2014

What's not to like, two spunky women, beautiful plants and gardens, murder mysteries! I'm glad I discovered this re-issue from a gentler time , except for the murders, .

Rosemary and Thyme
By Sandra from CA on 8/22/2014

I througly enjoy this dvd collection. The gardens and floral arrangements are breathtaking. The story lines are very interesting.

Rosemary and Thyme - How Sweet they are
By Shopper from NJ on 8/4/2014

I have seen this series on TV and enjoyed it so much that I wanted my own copy so I can watch it again and again! I love British shows!

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Barbara from IL on 8/6/2014

Wonderful series! Very entertaining!

Rosemary and THyme collection
By Mike from IN on 8/5/2014

light comedy who done it. Better than the crap they have on tv now Mike

Rosemary and thyme complete collection
By Shopper on 12/11/2014

It was a good who done it show.

Rosemary and Thyme Complete Collection
By BarbW from WA on 12/18/2012

I love this show and was so happy to be able to buy the full set. Wonderful, quirky mysteries and heroines, with beautiful gardens as a plus. Perfect on a cold night with a cuppa!

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Rosemary and Thyme is a treasure!
By Amy from GA on 7/13/2012

So glad to have the entire collection. The series provides funny and refreshing mysteries - not too long and doesn't leave you feeling beat over the head with gloom and doom.

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Laura from WA on 7/29/2013

Great fun to watch Rosemary and Laura find the murder victims, coordinate their outfits with the floral plantings, and solve the murders.

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By I'm from NM on 1/26/2013

I love this series and can no longer find it on I bought it! My friends are anxious to borrow the series as I finish them. Acorn has wonderful selections to purchase. Thank you.........

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Liz from MI on 8/4/2014

Truly enjoyed the collection -- my husband and I would sit every night and watch everything on one disc -- wish there were more

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Shopper on 8/4/2014

I had seen the show previously and enjoyed it so was happy to purchase the complete collection.

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Shopper from TX on 1/8/2013

I loved the series and wanted to have the complete collection. The gardens were fun to see, I love mysteries and adore the vintage car in the series. Love this series and now I can enjoy it whenever I want!

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete collection
By Bill from OK on 4/3/2013

This was a collection of mysteries for someone with time on their side and not a whole lot else to do with their time but enjoy a set of movies that require little or no thinking to get in your way of entertainment. Not up to more serious writers like Agatha Christie standards but overall quite enjoyable.

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Carol from KY on 8/6/2014

We have been watching these shows since we got the collection, and have been enjoying them

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Grandmother from TX on 8/5/2014

Like the series very much. Love Acorn and Acorn products

rosemary and thyme - complete collection
By Lilian from CA on 2/27/2014

it is a delightful combination of my enjoyment of mystery and gardening!

Rosemary and Thyme - Complete Collection
By Linda from MI on 8/4/2014

My order of the Rosemary and Thyme DVD set arrived promptly and the package was in excellent condition. Thank you for your great service!

Rosemary and Thymes - Complete Collection , re-issue,
By Kathryn from MD on 7/17/2012

We, rate this series as the best ever produced. Kendal and Ferris make every moment believable. And now with subtitles even those of us with a bit of a hearing problem can catch each word and enjoy it so much more. We thank Acorn for helping us upgrade to the newest version.

Rosemary andThyme
By naechico from CA on 6/4/2014

This is well done and the gardens are fabulous. I don't like it as well as I do some other mysteries. I would recommend it though.

Rosemary and Thyme
By Deanna from IN on 8/5/2014

enjoying the series.

Rosemary and Thyme
By Peter from NY on 8/4/2014

Beautifully photographed and competently acted/produced

rosemary and thyme
By Sheila from WA on 8/4/2014

2 of the cd's skip or just stop in the middle of the movie so out of 7 discs 5 of them are good

Rosemary and thyme
By Sue from CA on 4/21/2014

Love the series, gardeners and detective, love the English countryside.

Rosemary and Thyme
By Teresa from CA on 5/3/2013

Always liked the show.

Rosemary and Thyme Collection
By C from WI on 5/3/2013

I really liked the beautiful scenery and the way these girls get into the mysteries. They are very likeable characters.

Rosemary and Thyme collection
By Peony from NJ on 8/24/2012

I love Rosemary and Thyme but the sister with whom I live loves something else. I'm very happy with the collection on DVD. I can watch them and enjoy the mysteries and the beautiful scenery anytime.

Rosemary and Thyme Complete Series
By Bill from NC on 8/4/2014

bought as a gift. Was shipped promptly and arrived in a few days. As always, Acorn did a splendid job!

Rosemary and Thyme - complete collection
By Shopper from CA on 1/16/2013

Like it so glad to have the collection,thank you so much for quality items,keep up the good work.

Rosemary and Thyme -Complete Collection
By Barbara from PA on 8/30/2014

Main characters compliment one another. Bought it because I love British mystery/detective story lines.

Rsoemary and Thyme
By Shopper from AB on 1/8/2013

Wish the series had lasted lonter. Enjoy the women's energy, intelligence and spunk.

Scrumptious Mystery
By Syl from PA on 8/9/2014

This is one of my most favorites. The story, acting, beautiful gardens, and music intertwine to appeal to the most die-hard mystery lover. Sit back, relax, enjoy and try to solve these wonderful, heart-warming stories.

By Lynda from NJ on 8/4/2014

Great price! Great service!

By Sonya from OR on 7/24/2012

I love all english mysteries-no one can make them like they can! And that the Rosemary and Thyme series has the backdrop of the english gardens? Even better!

Thumbs up!
By Sandra from TX on 8/4/2014

I like this program and was concerned my husband wouldn't. I was wrong. He think they are great as I do.

By vasc from AL on 8/23/2014

Even though the story line is a bit plodding at times, this series is still more entertaining than most current TV fare.

Totally Enjoyable
By JAN from NJ on 9/1/2014

Terrific viewing for anyone who likes a good mystery.

By Us2 from AZ on 8/5/2014

We had watched all of the Rosemary and Tyme DVD's. It had been a long time since we had seen them. We enjoyed the stories and plots so much, that we decided to buy all 3 seasons.You never know 'who dun it' until the end.

very original
By Carol from PA on 5/23/2013

I've never seen a mystery series centered around gardeners. This series is original with beautiful scenes and gardens. The plants and flowers are gorgeous. The acting is high quality, too. I'm sorry that more episodes weren't made. I bought this series from the Acorn catalog and liked it so much that I purchased two more sets for friends and they each loved it, too. I'd never heard of Rosemary and Thyme before and I'm happy to own the series. Now I can enjoy the beautiful gardens and great acting whenever I want to. I love flowers and bought this sereis because of the description I read. Thank you Acorn Media.

Who said Mid-life can't be fun.
By Deborah from NJ on 5/3/2013

The show is delightful and when you put it on sale, I couldn't resist!

Wife loved it
By a1abob from MO on 8/4/2014

Purchased for my wife's birthday and she hasn't stopped watching it.

wish there were more
By Sharon from IA on 9/22/2011

Luv to watch Rosemary and Laura over and over. They are so fun. Everyone I loan them to wants more and I sadly tell them them this is it - only 3 seasons. :,

By Shopper on 8/5/2014

Love these gals.

By HELEN from NJ on 6/25/2012


By Joan from NV on 12/11/2014

Got the 'Rosemary and Thyme' series as a Christmas gift for my sister. I know she will love it because still talk about how much we enjoyed the series.

By john from IL on 7/12/2014

we liked it a lot. thought provoking and at times humorous

By Joy from NY on 1/17/2013

I really like these smart and gutsy women. I don't always understand what they are saying, but the programs are very entertaining.

By Karla from AZ on 12/11/2012

I've been watching this series on Netflix, and purchased the collection as a gift for my Mother. Love this program!

By Larry from MO on 8/5/2014

I had seen a few episodes of Rosemary and Thyme on my local PBS station KCPT and found the stories well written and charming. Buying the complete series didn't require much deliberation, especially at the low price of $29.99.