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No doubt remains; a mole has infiltrated the highest level of the Circus, code name for British Secret Intelligence Service. Sidelined agent George Smiley is covertly tapped to root out the traitor-a task that requires an intensive dig through the labyrinths of Cold War espionage and his own past. Alec Guinness brilliantly captures the weary heart and steely soul of John le Carré's master spy in an intricate drama hailed as one of the finest ever made for television. 6 episodes, 3 DVDs, approx. 324 minutes, CC.
Disc 1
Episode 1: Return to the Circus
Retired espionage veteran George Smiley is called out on a top secret mission: to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6's echelons.
Episode 2: Tarr Tells His Story
Retired from the "Circus", George Smiley, former right-hand of the late Control, meets Ricky Tarr, a British agent who went AWOL, believe defected. Tarr tells of how a mission to Portugal led him to learning about the mole in the "Circus".
Disc 2
Episode 3: Smiley Tracks the Mole
The investigation begins, with Peter Guillam burgling the archives for information, while Smiley visits an old comrade whose past knowledge could prove vital to locating the spy.
Episode 4: How It All Fits Together
While Guillam and Tarr come under pressure, Smiley recounts his one meeting with the Soviet master spy Karla, who is undoubtedly running the spy inside MI6.
Disc 3
Episode 5: Tinker Tailor
Smiley goes to meet Jim Prideaux who is now back in Britain having survived his experience in Czechoslovakia. His testimony and that of others sheds new light on the "Testify" fiasco and source "Merlin".
Episode 6: Smiley Sets a Trap
Smiley confronts one of his suspects and gives him the results of his investigations, which could prove a considerable embarrassment to those concerned.
Episode 7: Flushing Out the Mole
Smiley springs his trap and catches the spy. He later interrogates the spy and learns about how and why it happened, and the answers he gets robs him of any sense of victory.
  • Exclusive interview with John le Carré
  • Production notes
  • Glossary of main characters and terms
  • Cast filmographies
  • le Carré biography and booklist
Packaging: Boxed set
Run Time: 324 minutes, plus bonus programming
Format: Full screen
Number of discs: 3
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
CC: Yes, main programming only
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Rating: NR
"A smashing thriller"—The New York Times
"Exhilarating"—The Washington Post
"…one of the most madly atmospheric and enjoyably literate films every done for television."—The Washington Post
"Terrifically satisfying and thought-provoking entertainment."—The Washington Post
BAFTA TV Award Winner for Best Actor (Alec Guinness, 1980)
BAFTA TV Award Winner for Best Film Cameraman (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Actress (Beryl Reid, 1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Costume Design (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Design (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Drama Series/Serial (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Film Sound (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Graphics (1980)
BAFTA TV Award Nomination for Best Film Editor (1980)
Broadcasting Press Guild Award Winner for Best Actor (Alec Guinness, 1980)
Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Limited Series (1981)

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I love spy stories.
By Lois from CA on 6/3/2013

I love this kind of story and the who-done-it attitude.

Lip sync
By Retired from WA on 6/4/2014

In several of the tapes in the series Blue Murder the voices did not match what the characters were saying. We found this very distracting and had to stop the tapes.

Older and better
By Vuitre_Viejo from TX on 8/3/2012

Got the two LeCarre discs after watching the new film version, which isn't bad, but really doesn't capture the cold-war atmosphere of the books, or fully portray the Smiley character. Plus, you can stretch these out over a couple of weeks.

outrageous shipping cost
By Shopper from MD on 2/28/2014

The CDs were fine, but $18.99 for shipping ????

Smiley is a tense, beautiful work of art.
By Peggy from VA on 12/19/2011

I heard it reviewed on NPR. My husband and I are entranced.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
By Old from IL on 8/24/2012

Like! Much better than the newly released version. The author noted this version honored the original book.

Tinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy
By Joe from CO on 1/31/2013

It was good to see those old charecter actors doing a suberb acting job. The movie of the same name, released last year, seems like a condensed version of the original, and left a lot to be desired.

Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy
By Shopper from IL on 10/16/2013

Intriguing plot. Six very well acted episodes.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
By Arlene from CO on 1/9/2013

I read this as a trilogy many years ago. I only recenly found out that the story was available on dvd and had to have a copy of my own.My order arrived on time in excellent condition, new, .I checked out a small portion of each dvd and am very pleased.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy revue.
By shirley from TX on 8/12/2014

Loved the 3 DVD movie. There is so much compelling dialogue that you have to watch it several times to get it all but it is a joy to watch every time.

tinker, taylor, soldier, spy
By senior from IL on 10/18/2012

not normally my cup of tea but this one was good

Tinker,Tailor Soldier, Spy
By Morfly from NY on 1/9/2013

If you are a fan of MI5 or cold war spy stories this is the series for you. Alec Guiness is wonderfully believable as George Smiley. Saw it many years ago, thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again, still had all the mystery and intrigue. Keeps you guessing a who is the bad guy and what was it really all about.

Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy
By Kathleen from CO on 1/8/2012

Saw the movie yesterday in the theater- enjoyed it. noticed credits at the end were incorrect. John Hurt played George Smiley. He did NOT play Control. That was Max Von Snydow.

By RT from OR on 12/28/2012

we liked this very much..one that merits waqtching twice to get everything straight.

By Stephen from FL on 4/29/2013

Excellent DVD...I purchased DVDs too repeat the thrill I experienced many years ago.

By Shopper from MT on 12/11/2012

saw the 2012 version of Tinker Tailor which was incomprehensible, read the book, wanted to see this version, found it much better.