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Newton's Law, Season 1 DVD

Item #: XB7202
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Award-winning actress Claudia Karvan (Jack Irish) stars in this charming legal comedy-drama from the producers of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. When her offices are firebombed by an angry client, consulting solicitor Josephine Newton is forced to take a new job as a barrister at Knox, a high-powered legal firm where her old flame Lewis (Toby Schmitz, Black Sails) works. "Intelligent, stylish, and nicely romantic" —The Australian. 8 episodes, 7 1/2 hours, 3 DVDs. Mature audiences.
Episode 1: External Forces
At a hearing for an alleged pyromaniac, consulting solicitor Josephine Newton runs into her old friend Lewis, who offers her a new job at a high-powered firm. A catastrophic event forces Josephine to consider his offer, but she worries about leaving behind her former clients turned colleagues, Helena and Johnny.

Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect
Josephine is livid when her daughter, Lydia, is arrested for criminal damage at an environmental protest organized by Lydia's father, Callum. Meanwhile, Josephine represents a transgender teen undergoing hormone treatment against her parents' wishes.

Episode 3: Control Theory
Josephine and Lewis defend a woman accused of murdering her personal trainer after the fitness studio denied her request to break her contract. Insurance investigator Skye visits Helena's downstairs office in need of a lawyer for her father, but Helena is afraid to take the case to court.

Episode 4: Uniform Motion
When a bomb threat causes a stampede at a furniture store that injures a customer, Josephine and Lewis defend the store's CEO. Office cleaner Zareb requests Helena's legal assistance after being charged with resisting arrest, but Helena is distracted by calls from her estranged husband.

Episode 5: Newton's Law of Cooling
Helena recommends a restorative-justice approach to a friend of Johnny's to mitigate his assault charges. As the firm's secretary, Jackie, tries to get Josephine in trouble for her involvement with Chatterjee's downstairs office, Josephine defends her boss, who is embroiled in a custody battle for the family dog.

Episode 6: The Uncertainty Principle
An elderly hospital volunteer accused of kidnapping a Syrian asylum seeker demands Josephine take her high-profile case. Callum comes to Josephine with a co-parenting issue but later needs her and Lewis's legal help combatting an assault charge.

Episode 7: Terminal Velocity
Lewis defends a young man facing a burglary charge for breaking into his friend's house and stealing his sneakers. Josephine and Helena receive a surprise call from the man they believe burned down their old office.

Episode 8: Equal & Opposite Forces
Josephine and Lewis organize a class-action lawsuit for the participants of a prescription drug trial who suffered dangerous side effects. But with seven plaintiffs and a complicated case, Josephine needs to enlist both the upstairs and downstairs teams to take on the pharmaceutical company responsible.

DVD Extras
• Behind-the-scenes featurettes (22 min.)
• Cast and crew interviews (15 min.)
Packaging: Boxed
Run Time: 442 minutes (plus bonus)
Format: Widescreen
Number of discs: 3
Language: English
Foreign Language Subtitles: No
Color or B&W: Color
SDH: Yes
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Audio Format: 16:9
Rating: NR
Content disclaimer: Contains coarse language, violence, and sexual situations
• Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life of Us)
• Toby Schmitz (Black Sails)
• Sean Keenan (Glitch)
• Georgina Naidu (Mr & Mrs Murder)
• Brett Tucker (The Americans)
• Miranda Tapsell (Wolf Creek)
"Intelligent, stylish, and nicely romantic"—The Australian
"A comic (and Australian) Good Wife…good escapist fun"—The New York Times
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